Quite a weekend

Submitted by William on Sun, 05/04/2008 - 9:05pm

Where to start.... I had such a busy and fun weekend!

Saturday Grandpa Ron, Grandpa David, Daddy and I went to the Model Train show and the ATV show. We saw lots of cool trains. I got to watch them drive around the tracks, but the signs all said, "Please Don't Touch." One of the trains even went through McDonald's drive-thru and the person said, "Can I take your order?" and "Pull ahead to the next window." You can see it in the video Daddy made with his new cellphone. Later at the ATV show we saw lots of 4-wheelers driving around and going over jumps. It was cool!

After my nap on Saturday, Daddy, Mommy, Eliana and I went down to the cities for dinner. A lady Daddy works with invited us to have dinner with her family. They are from India, so Debbie made spicy Indian food for the grown ups that they loved. But the kids got my favorite... peanut butter! Me and my new friends, Ashwin and Kinjil, played and watched movies while the grown-ups talked. The kids were very nice. Ashwin even taught me to play a new game. We stayed there past my bedtime but I talked the whole way home and still got up at my normal time this morning!

I didn't even get a nap today because we went to eat at Grandma Barb and Grandpa Ron's house. Grandma Evenlyn and Grandpa David are back from Arizona, so we got to see them and they got to meet Eliana. I was more excited to ride the John Deere tractor after a long winter, but Mommy and Daddy said I had to go in and say hi first. After dinner I went outside to throw rocks in the river and ride the tractor. I will sleep well tonight!

Cool new toy!

Submitted by Eliana on Sun, 04/27/2008 - 11:03pm

So my favorite place to play for the last couple months has been my baby gym. I'm sure you've seen all the pictures and even video of me happily playing there. But these last few days I've become really tired of it and wanted a change of scenery. I especially enjoy getting up off the floor and sitting or standing. So Mommy decided I needed an exersaucer right away. She'd been sort of looking for a few weeks, but now needed to get serious. She was about to go buy a new one at the store when Auntie Dawn called. Dawn was out shopping garage sales, one of her favorite passtimes, and she wanted to tell Mommy about a deal she got on a Discovery Toy. Mommy asked if she'd seen any exersaucers and her answer was "everywhere!" In fact, at the very next sale that she went to, she found the one I'm playing with now. And I love it! Thanks, Auntie Dawn! Now I have a new favorite place to play and it really tires me out. Mommy was taking some pictures of me smiling while I was playing there and then I got so tired that the spinny rattle's loud noise made me cry. All Mommy did was take pictures of me crying. That really made me mad! At least she said she was sorry. Oh, the sacrifices I have to make for a cute, pouty lipped scrapbook page.

Last day of preschool

Submitted by William on Mon, 04/21/2008 - 10:01pm

Today was my last day of preschool, but it didn't really phase me. We got to play outside on the playground. It was nice and warm outside. My teacher sent my progress report home. Mommy interpreted it for me. Basically it said that I am a very well mannered boy who can do lots of things and that my teacher was happy she had me in her class. Then tonight Mommy signed me up for 4-year-old preschool. She says I'll have a different teacher, but I won't know who until school starts. Until then I get to enjoy playing outside a lot more since school is done and the weather is finally nice! We even had our first thunderstorm of the season tonight!

Daddy and I had a guys' weekend at home while Mommy and Eliana went to Missouri. We played outside and in the workshop for hours and hours. It was fun! I got to spend Friday with Grandpa Ron. On Sunday night Daddy and I went to McDonald's for dinner and to play in the playland. I was happy to see Mommy and Eliana when they got home. I ran in circles around the kitchen and made Mommy catch me to give me hugs.


Submitted by Eliana on Mon, 04/21/2008 - 9:12pm

What a trip! Mommy and I spent last weekend in Missouri with Grandma Barb and Auntie Leah. It was nice to finally meet my godmother, Leah. We had a lot of fun together. I got lots of snuggling and kisses. We played really hard and learned a new giggling game - Mommy says, "Rar, rar, rar" and tickles my tummy and I laugh a great big belly laugh. It's so funny! I've been trying out new sounds like M, B, R, and whispering. I've even made a couple raspberry noises, but "Arrrr" is my favorite new sound.

The hotel room in Bethany, Missouri was nice and big. There were couches and chairs and a nice long table for scrapbooking. I had my pack-n-play set up in a corner. We spent lots of time in the room while Mommy got some pages done in my scrapbook. She and Auntie Leah went in the pool and hot tub for a while. I didn't like the noisy pool room very much, so Grandma and I talked with some little kids in the lobby - they made me happy because they reminded me of my big brother William.

We did a little shopping and went out to eat. I was a very good traveler, all things considered. I didn't get as much good sleep during the day as I'm used to, so I slept really well at night! I was very happy during the day with all the attention. I even got used to my car seat after a while. I wasn't very crabby until the last 45 minutes of the trip home. I was tired and more than ready to be out of the car. That night I had another record 10-hour sleep at home in my own bed.


Submitted by Adoption on Wed, 04/16/2008 - 10:38pm

Today we met with our attorney, a wonderful friend who I met through RESOLVE. She is filing our papers and representing us. So we had to drop of a check and sign some papers at her office today. William had a great time operating the elevator :) Darren and I enjoyed checking one of the last things off the adoption to-do list! Eliana enjoyed a nap in her car seat. We should have a court date in a few weeks. Let's hope Benton county decides to make it quick for us!

Learning and growing stronger

Submitted by Eliana on Wed, 04/16/2008 - 10:21pm

One of my latest stunts is trying to roll over back to front. I make diaper changes much more challenging for my parents! But I can't get past that arm. Once I master that, look out! I'll be on the move.

Then today I figured out how to bring my hands together. They became even more interesting now! I can even grab toys with both hands.

Baby Jaguar

Submitted by William on Wed, 04/09/2008 - 10:46am

I just had a new entry yesterday, but I had to tell you about Baby Jaguar. He came with me to school today, but he had to stay in my locker the whole time. When I got out of school, he was hungry! He didn't get teddy grahams and animal crackers for snack like I did. So I unzipped my coat and lifted up my shirt and nursed him, right there in the hall. As I told the curious teachers, "He filled up on all that milk from my breast!"

The wheels are turning

Submitted by William on Tue, 04/08/2008 - 4:11pm

Here's my favorite joke of the day:

What do you use to fix a broken tomato? tomato paste

What do you use to fix a broken Daddy? daddy paste!

This joke is funny with just about anything inserted for tomato! Try it!

I've been amazing my parents these days by reading all sorts of words in isolation. Today I saw the word "fox" on my mommy's computer and asked her, "Why does it say 'fox?'" It was someone's name. Later, I sounded out the word "mist" when I'd never seen it before. I like to practice reading.

But I still like help getting dressed and washing my hands. I am only 3 1/2, after all!