Adoptive Family Picnic

Submitted by Adoption on Thu, 08/02/2007 - 12:43am

We had a fun evening at Riverside Park at the annual Adoptive Family Picnic. It was neat to see all the families, some familiar faces and some new. William had a blast carefully decorating a visor which we promptly left sitting on a picnic table at the park. (Today he remembered it, saying, "My visor! Bummer.") He also loved the playground and running around finding a pinecone, leaf, feather, etc for the scavenger hunt. Thanks to Sarah B for the help with the pencil!

We got to see the social workers again for the first time in a couple months. We were starting to miss them. It sounds like things are starting to pick up a bit at the agency. 2007 has been slow so far, but they have two new families starting the adoption process and - even better news - they have birthmothers coming in again. We'll see if that translates into any new developments for us in the months to come.

William asked me the other day, "How do we know there's a baby coming?" I thought that was a very good question. I told him it was because the agency said they would look for a baby for us. We just don't know when the baby will come. It may be when he is three or maybe four. William turns three on the 20th, so we'll be celebrating soon! We sure hope this next year brings him a baby brother or sister!