Evening with Matt

Submitted by Adoption on Thu, 11/15/2007 - 1:29pm

We had Matt over last night for dinner. It was lots of fun. William was his usual self which was a nice change. He's usually been pretty shy around the baby's family, but that may be because we've always met at restaurants. Here he was on his own turf. And Matt may also remind him of his uncles a little bit and he's very comfortable around all of them. So Matt got a tour of the house by Darren who could show off all the work that he did. Then we had white chili for dinner because it was a cold, blustery day and I was in the mood for it. Matt was an easy guest, full of compliments and he ate everything :) We sat around and talked for a long time after dinner. I finally remembered to give him the Cloud 9 certificates we had from trivia and found out that Cloud 9 was where he always went but they closed a few days ago! Hopefully they'll honor the certificates at their other location. Matt has removed most of his piercings but showed us his tatoos. We didn't know he had any because they're all where they'll be covered by a tshirt. He has one for his family members and he plans to add the baby's name when she comes. I got a kick out of the fact that he seemed a little wierded out when I told him I was going to nurse - Mr. Shocking himself. All in all, we had a very nice night. We hung out for several hours until it was well past William's normal bedtime. It was good that I had let him nap much later than normal. He's had a cold and I didn't want to wake the poor guy. Those darn preschool germs!

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