3 weeks old

Submitted by Eliana on Mon, 01/28/2008 - 9:09pm

I'm sure growing fast! I'm already three weeks old today! Mommy thinks she saw some real smiles today! My eyes were actually open, but I was a bit drowsy... let's just say that I knew what I was doing. According to our scale at home, I've passed up the 8 pound mark. Grandma Barb noticed a bit of a double chin today. So there's no doubt that I'm eating well.

I continue to meet more people who love me. My Uncle Tom and Auntie Dawn both came to visit. William has shown me off at his school a few times now. And I got to go to play group. Mommy's book club passed me around and had a little party for me. My big brother really liked the "Welcome Eliana" cake and the book I got that says "I love you when you're bad." Mommy loved the snuggly blanket and cute clothes. I'm a pretty lucky baby!

Tonight we went out to dinner - our first time as a family. I slept the whole time. Mommy and Daddy don't think they would have taken William out to dinner when he was my age. But they don't worry that I'll get fussy during dinner because I'm such a content baby.