Submitted by Eliana on Sat, 01/19/2008 - 11:40pm

I've had lots of visitors this week! Some of Mommy's friends have been here to meet me. They are all very nice and good snugglers. My birth mom and dad have both been here to visit, too. It's been fun to see them. And I really do "see" them now because I'm staying awake a lot more these days. Staying awake during the day also helps me to sleep more at night. For the last couple days I've been letting everyone in my house, except for Mommy, sleep all night. She only has to get up a couple times to feed me. Mommy doesn't think that's bad at all since I'm not even two weeks old yet! And if our scale is right, I've already gained a whole pound since leaving the hospital. That may be why Grandma Barb thought I looked older when she saw me yesterday. Or it may have been the grown-up pants and sweater that I was wearing. It was sure cute! I'll have Daddy put up some pictures. Well, I'm off to bed - it is night after all.