Animal Habitat and Rain Forest Ride

Submitted by William on Sat, 02/18/2012 - 3:22pm

Animal Habitat: I started off with my animal habitat. I even more started off by getting the ceramic animals from Henley. (Henley is my friend Haskell's sister.) I even MORE started off by making a collection of junk I used to build stuff. Surprisingly, only the things to make the trees, except the tape and the cotton string, were in my collection. It's kind of like the board was in my collection. Grandpa Ron let me have it and I put a bunch of stickers on it, but then I took them off to make my animal habitat. (A long time after I put the stickers on it. Not right away.)

Animal Habitat

Rain Forest Ride: It's a big track that goes through the animal habitat (which is a rain forest).

Rain Forest Ride

In the picture, you can't see the turn, but there is one. It makes the cars go on a wall. (Not literally.)

The turn

It starts with a shark car. Then the shark car triggers a race car. Then the race car goes through the animal habitat.

King car

Then it triggers the king car. The king car goes around the turn and the track ends up almost where it started.

P.S. I put a valentine in the koala's tree from the horse and it says, "I love you.
The end. That is a true story.