Busy days!

Submitted by Sara on Sun, 07/28/2013 - 12:00am

I added some new pictures to the July photo album. I just realized I don't have pictures of the art the kids made during art camp last week, so there are more to come. It's been so busy lately that it feels like the last few weeks have lasted for years.

The kids had art camp at the Paramount last week. William's was geared toward decorating their room. They did stained glass, clay, tapestry, a light switch cover and other decorating projects for his new room! Ellie had Monstrously Messy once again. They did lots of fun projects with paint, glitter, clay and markers. She came home with a different color on her face every day, so I could tell she had fun.

The week before that they had theater camp. Eliana had Princes and Princesses and they put on a little performance with songs, poems and a skit. I'm trying to put together some video clips. William was Rama, a wolf and king of the jungle in the Jungle Book. It was amazing the difference between this year and last year. He was able to move up a level and work with some older kids and they did a marvelous job! The costumes were his favorite part. I wish I would have recorded their play!

We've been busy with the house. Meeting with the builder, designer, cabinet maker, etc. And having showings, trying to work through an offer, and going back on the market. But it's all good! Off to do bath time and get ready for another big week!