Eliana makes me laugh Facebook compilation

Submitted by Sara on Mon, 12/05/2011 - 10:30pm

... and one new one for all my Facebook friends who have already read these stories.

Tonight: Eliana came out of her room after bedtime excited to tell me that she turned on "princess music!" Sure enough, she had found MPR on the radio dial and was listening to classical. I'm sure she fell asleep dreaming of beautiful princesses in fancy ball gowns.

Yesterday: Apparently Max cut Eliana's hair using doggie scissors he hides in his fur. At least it was only one snip and barely noticeable.

Friday night: Took the kids out to dinner at Olive Garden. Eliana asked me, "Is it your birthday?"

Thursday evening: As I stand at the stove frying hamburger, I feel a ninja sword in my backside. Then a soft voice says, "She's making us dinner. She's on our side." Later the small ninja, taking me under her wing, assigns me an attribute saying, "I am fi-ya and you ah ass." What?!?! "Ass." You mean Earth? "Yeah."

Thanksgiving morning: This morning Eliana is having the same breakfast as her daddy. I said that I bet his wasn't in a princess bowl. "No, he has a Dora bowl actually." (Not really. She sure is quick!)