Happy Labor Day!

Submitted by Sara on Mon, 09/02/2013 - 10:25am

Labor Day... a day of relaxation, the end of summer, the heralding of all things fall, especially school.

Eliana started kindergarten last week. She LOVED it! I was nervous. I was afraid the long day would be too much for her. I was prepared for her to come home tired and crabby. I didn't need to worry. She came home very happy and hungry! Bedtime was a breeze for the first time in a long time. I had to wake her in the morning, but she was ready to go!

First day of kindergarten

It was a steaming hot week, which made me feel sorry for the sheetrockers in our new house. Today is wonderfully cool weather and it's a day off! Plus all the insulation is in, so our house is staying cooler. They had to work through the worst of it, but I'm thankful. We are still on track to move in early in October!

As a culmination to summer, Eliana learned to ride her bike on two wheels.

William turned nine! He had a sleepover with friends to celebrate and we went out to dinner on his birthday. I made a cake, per tradition. He thought it was the best cake I ever made and his opinion is most important. He is into Lego Chima this year, so I made a character cake.

William is starting his co-op tomorrow. We are going to be attending a co-op weekly, since it's going to be considerably quieter around here without Eliana. We will also be volunteering at the library at Prince of Peace, taking weekly piano lessons, weekly swimming lessons and have to set up some regular play dates with our friends. We will certainly be busy!

Fourth grader

My school starts next week. I had workshops last week, which is always the busiest week of my year. Darren was in Chicago at a conference, so we depended a lot on grandparents that week. Thank you, again! I will have a meeting or two this week to make sure we are on track to start the first class. It is shaping up to be a great school year!