Special birthday gift

Submitted by Sara on Mon, 12/19/2011 - 6:20pm

This year for my birthday Scholastic brought its warehouse sale to my town for the first time! What an amazing birthday gift. They even gave me a coupon for an additional discount off their already low prices. So guess who went on a shopping spree for her birthday? That's right! I had the best time loading up on homeschool materials, Christmas gifts, and award winning young adult novels especially for me. I found some read-alouds that I absolutely adore. It's no wonder that my kids love books! Eliana is already getting to be quite a reader. She is able to use context clues, illustrations, and the letters she knows to figure out a lot of words! I'm so proud of her!

My family gave me a lot of other wonderful gifts today. I got to sleep in! When I finally rolled out of bed, William had already written a book for me for my birthday! And Eliana had made me a lovely card. They did all of this before breakfast! Then I was able to go get some shopping done while Darren hung out with the kids. He had the day off. I got home to a delicious lunch of turkey/bacon lettuce wraps with avocado. YUM!

Soon we are heading out to dinner. What a happy birthday it has been!

My birthday book

A grown-up flap book :)

Part of my bday haul