That was this week?

Submitted by Sara on Mon, 08/12/2013 - 12:00am

Our first full week in August was certainly full! It brought us:
- to Warroad and back for a 70th wedding anniversary celebration for Darren's grandparents
- a new nephew/cousin. My brother and his wife welcomed Elliot August into their family the morning of August 3rd
- a Minneapolis trip to pick up Darren, to go meet the baby, and to visit the Mill City Museum a few blocks from his office
- a day at the county fair! We had friends available at the last minute to join us for rides, junk food, and exploring
- more work building our house, laying out cabinets and electricity (we are ahead of schedule for the October 3rd deadline).
- two showings and two offers on our current house, hopefully one will result in an actual buyer
- time spent visiting Darren's sister's family from Arkansas
- getting ready for my 20-year class reunion (barely... I managed to buy a new dress in 30 minutes flat and grabbed a watermelon and cantaloupe for the pot luck at the park. Go me!)
- looking back at the calendar I realized I also got the cat to the vet, the kids to the library, and we bought a few more school supplies - most notably super-fast gym shoes. No wonder I'm tired!

Last week felt like a month with all that we accomplished. When looking back at pictures from the week, it was hard to believe. William was heard saying, "That was this week?" Time certainly does fly when you're having fun.

Hopefully the next two weeks will be a quiet transition into the school year. We are taking another round of swimming lessons to get into the routine of getting out of the house in the morning. Eliana starts kindergarten the week before Labor Day! Routine will be a welcome change after the fun chaos of summer.

Check out the August photo album for a few pictures (34) from our adventures. Darren has MUCH more from the anniversary party that you can see here.