A week of recovery

Submitted by Sara on Wed, 05/02/2012 - 4:56pm

For those who didn't know, I had surgery on Friday. It was not my first surgical experience, but it was a first in many ways. It was my first surgery since we've had kids, my first surgery at the hospital, and my first open incision. As you can imagine, those firsts are not an upgrade from previous surgeries. But...

...my kids have been amazing! We've decided Eliana is going to be a nurse someday. We had already noticed her desire to be a caretaker when loved ones are sick or hurting. If not a nurse, a hairdresser would be another likely career path. William has been doing great on his schooling. It's nice that he's home #1 so I don't have to drive him to and from school every day which I'm not supposed to do for 2 weeks and #2 so he can help. He's been doing laundry and helping with meals.

Stuffed animals and blankies to help Mom feel better / Talented hair dresser

...while the hospital certainly wasn't the four-star treatment that I had gotten used to at the surgical center where they send you out the door with a rose or carnation, it is well equipped and well staffed. I have come to realize that it pays to live in a hospital town for your whole life. A very good friend prepared my surgical instruments - she said it was hard not to leave a note for my doctor. Then a woman I know from church growing up stopped to give me communion before surgery. While I waited (and waited) for my doctor in pre-op, a nurse who I'd had in a couple parent ed classes came to wish me well and chat a bit. So while the service might not be what I've become accustomed to *a-hem,* I can't say enough good things about the people. As much as I wanted to come home, once we got here I cried to my husband that we should have stayed. The nurses just know how to take care of a patient. As smart, talented, loving and handsome as Darren is, one thing he is not is a nurse (I love you, Honey!) And I was certainly more needy this time than ever before.

...having an open incision was the best choice for my surgery. The hernia that I've had forever is now repaired. I trusted my doc to make that call while we were already in surgery to remove an ovary totally destroyed by endometriosis. It required calling in a general surgeon, but it needed to be repaired. The hernia was also extensively involved with endometriosis. So it's good to have all that done, but it has made for a much more difficult healing process than I'd expected. As long as I keep up on my pain meds and rest often, I'm improving quickly.

I've been very grateful for family and friends who have been willing and able to help with groceries, watching kids, driving kids, driving me to appointments, bringing goodies to keep my spirits up, and just being nearby and willing to help. I love and appreciate all of you!