6 Months

Submitted by William on Tue, 02/22/2005 - 12:41pm

Today was my 6 month visit with the doctor. I'm not growing quite as fast anymore. I'm only 21 pounds 6 ounces (95th percentile) and 28 inches (93rd percentile). So I was actually on the chart this time. But I am a big boy because I barely even cried for my shots. Mommy didn't even believe the nurses gave me the first one. The second one got a few tears though.

I got to experience my first Trivia Weekend right before Valentine's Day. It was a fun and busy time. There were lots of noisy people at Grandma and Grandpa Lanz's. I cheered on the team saying "Rrrrrr," the sound a Pull-start Diesel makes. I wished I could've told them all the answers I knew... if only I could talk. Then I know the team would have won! But they had their best year yet, so I guess they'll just have to wait to win until I get bigger.

I also got to visit my friend Holden since the last time I wrote. With me and Mommy being sick, and then our trip to Denver, we didn't get a chance to meet him until he was almost 2 months old! It was fun to see him now, though, because I'm really starting to like babies. I couldn't take my eyes off of him when Mommy was trying to take our picture. I know we are going to be good friends!