First dentist appt

Submitted by William on Tue, 01/15/2008 - 9:53pm

Today I made my first visit to the dentist. I was scared to go. When Mommy said they would give me a new toothbrush, I said, "I like the ones I have." But when I saw they had a lime green toothbrush, I was sold! The dentist is great! They have a cool chair that goes up and down and lays flat like a bed. And a silly, sucking straw that sucks the water out of your mouth. They even had a hand held video game for me to try and play while I waited for my dentist. There was a kid in another room who was crying, but I just wore the cool shades they let me borrow during the exam and was a model patient. My teeth are nice and clean now! The dentist said I could come back in six months so they can take some pictures. Maybe I'll get some more green things to match the flossers, the toothbrush and the pen I got today.