The Fortress: A ghost story

Submitted by William on Sat, 10/15/2011 - 6:25pm

Once upon a Lego, there was a dance show. After everyone was asleep, a magic wift of secret went through Lego City and it hit a Lego City gun and the stage, recorder, and the camera. The stage, recorder, and the camera came alive. They all connected and then the massive machine (called the Fortress) shot off a guy in Lego City's head.

The Fortress

Headless Guy

And then the gun turned around and it shot a ray at the Garden of Glow. It lifted the Garden of Glow up and threw it off the edge of Lego City. That's when it turned around two times back to its ray and shot the headless Lego guy with its ray quickly. And then (here's the scary part) the headless guy came alive! The next day, the Lego City guys built up the Garden of Glow and with 20 more Lego guys, they lifted up the Garden of Glow and put it back in its place. That's when the headless Lego guy came out the first morning. It hid behind the Garden of Glow's garden.

Lego city

EPILOGUE: A Lego guy came that night to examine the tracks and it found the guy's head! It brought it back to the Garden of Glow and threw the head on the guy. It fit! And Lego City wasn't haunted anymore.

THE END. That is a false story. (But it's true that I made it up.)