Submitted by William on Thu, 11/01/2007 - 10:15am

Last night I got to go trick-or-treating around my cul-de-sac. There were some scary monsters out there! I almost decided to go home halfway through. But then mommy made me go to one last house - it was my friend Emily's house - and after I got pixie sticks there, I decided to keep going. I got so much candy! I was happy to share with Mommy and Daddy.

My costume was a chinese dragon. I've wanted to be a chinese dragon for Halloween for so long that we can't even remember where I got the idea. But Mommy says you can't just go out and buy a chinese dragon costume, so we had to make it. Mostly Mommy did the paper mache and tissue paper all by herself, but I helped a little. My favorite part was putting on the eyes and the sequins. Grandma Barb picked out the orange fabric that we used for the cape. Thanks Grandma Barb!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween! I'll have my daddy put some pictures on here when he gets a chance.