Happy 3rd Birthday to Me!

Submitted by William on Mon, 08/20/2007 - 2:17pm

I told my friends this morning that I would be 3 on August 20th. Then Mommy asked me if I knew what day it was and I said, "What?" (just like I always say). And do you know what SHE said? August 20th! It's my birthday! I'm three!

I already got lots of cool presents on Saturday at my party. All four of my grandparents were here and my two of my uncles - Michael and Joe! We grilled hotdogs and burgers. Then everyone sang Happy Birthday to me, I blew out my candles (I needed a lot of help from Michael because I was pretty mesmerized by the flames) and we ate cake. Mommy made a big, yellow dumptruck on my cake. I ate all the frosting! I told my friends that the cake was my favorite part of the party.

After we were done eating it, then it was time to open presents. I got a cool firetruck from Uncle Joe, a huge crane from Grandpa & Grandma Lanz, Rusty the train for my Thomas set just like I asked for from Grandpa Ron & Grandma Barb, and a book "all about John Deere" from them, too! Mommy & Daddy got me a bowling set, my own Diego field journal, a doctor kit, a new shovel like Grandma Barb's, and a HUGE bubble maker!

Tonight Daddy has to stay in the cities for some fancy dinner with his team from work. So Mommy is going to take me to Toys R Us to use my birthday certificate and we're going to go to a restaurant for dinner! Birthdays are fun!