Happy Birthday to ME!

Submitted by William on Sat, 08/20/2005 - 10:15pm

Today is my birthday and what a beautiful day for a party! It was in the 70s and sunny! Both sets of grandparents and even three great-grandparents were here! Auntie Dawn, Uncle Nathan, Tiernan and Uncle Joe and Uncle Michael came, too. We had the webcam on for the Arkansas clan for a while, but they had a power outage and missed all the good stuff. Like when everyone sang happy birthday to me and Michael helped blow out the candle. Then I got to eat my own chocolate birthday cake and get all messy! And there were lots of cards and presents to open. Then, of course, I had to play with everything. We all had lots of fun and Mom says to make sure I say "Thank You" to everyone for coming! And John and Leah don't have to worry, we have a video! I hear it's a lot like Daddy's first birthday video.

I should also say a little bit about our trip to Arkansas last week. I had a lot of fun playing with Abi and Faith and their new kitty, Jordan! I wish Arkansas wasn't so far away because I really missed them when I got home. The car ride wasn't bad at all, though. I got to eat snacks and watch lots more movies than I ever get to watch at home. We stopped and walked around at different places and ate in restaurants. In fact, I kind of miss the car, too! Good thing I got all those fun new toys to keep me busy now. Grandma McKeever even got me a piano just like the one at Abi and Faith's house! Thank you, Grandma! And thank you to Auntie Leah and Uncle John for letting us stay at your house. We had so much fun!

One other little bit of news... I got tooth number 8 just in time for my birthday! Finally, an even number!