Hot fun in the summertime!

Submitted by William on Fri, 06/30/2006 - 12:07am

Summertime really agrees with me! I just love playing outside, riding my bike (I'm learning to steer and pedal), going to the park, digging in the sand, playing catch with my baseball mitt, going to the Riverbats game, boating and all the other fun that comes with being outside in the summer. Of course, one word I've learned to say really well is "squito" since they are the state bird. And I got poison ivy already although Mom and Dad aren't quite sure how. At least it went away quickly. But now I call my cousin Ivy "Poi Ivy" - that's confusing!

I'm talking a lot now. Some of my favorite things to say are, "Daddy, tea party time!"(just as often "pea tarty") and "Mommy play game please." Another thing I say a lot is "Nnnn-uh-huh" because I automatically say "No" to everything, but if someone asks me if I want a cookie, I usually change my mind and say "Nnnn-uh-huh."

I really like to keep track of my parents who are always on the go. If Daddy's at the office, I'll say many times during the day, "Daddy office day." And when Mommy gets me up from naps or is snuggling with me I say, "Mommy home now" because she's always going to work, class, meetings, or out with friends. But I like it best when my mom and dad are both around like when we went for a picnic at Munsinger Gardens on Wednesday. Daddy brought the camera and we got a few good pictures of me at 22-months. You'll have to take a peek!

Potty training update: There have been few successes since the last time I updated. I'm becoming more aware and often say "poop potty chair" as I'm wetting or dirtying my diaper, but I'm not ready to give them up yet.