I'm a reader!

Submitted by William on Sun, 02/03/2008 - 12:14pm

There's a teacher from my school who is coming over every Wednesday to watch Eliana grow, but since Eliana still sleeps all the time, she likes to play with me. She was watching me play my Guitar Star and asked my mom if I was reading all the names of the songs. Mommy said she wasn't sure. So when I got out the Scrabble game, the teacher told Mommy that she wanted to try something. She put the letters S-A-T together and asked me if I knew what that word said. I started sounding it out "sate" and she said, "He's reading!" Since that day Mommy has had me read more books to her at naptime since she just falls asleep when she reads to me. We take turns. The other day I read "A Big Fat Hen" all by myself and we read "Who Hops" together. At school on Friday, we read a book I'd never seen before called "Sheep in a Jeep." Mommy asked me if I could read the words on the first page and I said, "Beep! Beep!"

We are all very proud at my house! Not only am I reading, I'm also going potty all by myself now. I don't need any help with my pants (as long as there are no snaps) or washing my hands!