It's Spring!

Submitted by William on Sun, 04/03/2005 - 7:10pm

The weather is getting warm and we're sitting out on our deck right now playing. Mommy and Daddy are going to have to put a baby gate up here for me pretty soon because I'm almost ready to crawl away. I can already get over to the laptop cords, so they're always moving me away from those.

Last week I was at Grandma Lanz's house all week while Mommy was subbing in 2nd grade. It would have been a lot more fun if I didn't have such a bad cold. Grandma takes good care of me, though, so I liked going there. We got to play outside one day before I got sick and that was fun.

Hopefully my second cousin Kayden didn't catch my cold when we were sharing toys on Easter at my Great-aunt Lynn's. We had a great time! My mommy helped me find an egg during the Easter egg hunt even though everybody said I'd have to wait until next year because I'm too little to walk yet. But Isaac can find eggs and he's in college, so I think it's fair.

We also went to my Great-grandma Weber's house on Easter. It was very busy there. Great-aunt Maggie read me my favorite stories. Emma shared her Fruit Puffs with me - yummy! And I liked hearing Seth say "William." I think he liked saying it, too.

Seth and I also went to the zoo together! Well, with our mommies, too. And Andy came with his mommy and Reina with hers. It was fun to see all those kids! I guess there were some animals there, too. But I mostly saw lots and lots of kids. It was fun!

I had fun visiting with Xander again, too. Mommy and I went to her friend Linda's house to see Xander and his mommy. Linda has two really nice dogs, Boca and Caliph, and two kitties - just like me. Her dogs are even bigger than Belle!

Well, I'd better go take a nap now. All this fresh air is wearing me out. Thanks for reading my weblog. Yawn!