Maximus / Max / Gunner

Submitted by William on Fri, 09/30/2011 - 8:08pm

Meet our new dog. I call him Max. Mom calls him Maximus. And he was first at the Humane Society December of 2010 as a new puppy and that's when he was called Gunner. I treat him like he is in toyland because he basically really is in toyland! Sometimes I throw all of his toys all over the living room floor. He came with all those toys, and detangling spay for dogs, a poop bag dispenser, a kennel, a brush, another brush, a comb, food, two dishes, a bell for him to ring when he goes outside, a collar, a leash, a blanket, and a microchip. He is a really good dog. I like that his other name was Gunner (which sounds really tough). He is a talented dog. When I hold a toy up high where he can't reach, he jumps up really high and gets it! His eyes are brown, his nose is brown, his fur is mostly white, but there's a little bit of light brown. The end. That is a true story.

Eliana's reading Max bedtime stories