School days

Submitted by William on Thu, 09/27/2007 - 2:11pm

I'm a big boy now. I've started preschool! My teacher's name is Miss Julie and I see her on Mondays and Wednesdays. Mommy and Daddy "drop me off and drive away" just like Grandma and I used to drop Tabby off at school. I always tell them about my day after school is done. The first day I drew a picture of a soccer field and played in the gym. The second day I glued red pieces of paper to make an apple and we sang "Way Up High in the Apple Tree." Yesterday we did finger painting and playdough! I have my very own locker at school with my name on it where I put my red backpack. I like school! Tomorrow Mommy will go with me to school. We will be in a different room and Janie will be my teacher. She was Mommy's kindergarten teacher, isn't that crazy?!? At snack time Mommy goes to talk with Angie and the other grown-ups and I get more time to play!

If we don't have school in the morning, I'm always asking to go someplace. Mommy said that after my nap today we'll go to the Harvest Festival at the Farmer's Market and then I get to play at Grandma Lanz's house for a while. That will be fun!