Weekend with the Legatts

Submitted by William on Thu, 08/16/2007 - 2:26pm

We drove down to Luverne last weekend to spend some time with Auntie Dawn, Uncle Nathan, Tiernan and Caedmon. It was a long drive past lots of cows, fields and windmills. We all had fun visiting. My favorite part was the park and the gym. It was much less stressful to play there than to try to share toys in the apartment. But Tiernan and I had fun working together to build lego castles and playing pillow fight. Caedmon is a nice baby, but he gets on my nerves. He likes to pull my hair, climb on me and take my nukers. I spent a lot of time in my bed trying to calm myself down, but Caedmon liked to crawl right after me. That made me frustrated! By the time I got home I was very tired and ready to sleep a lot. It will be fun to see Teirnan and Caedmon again when they move into Grandma Barb's house soon. Auntie Dawn is going to come stay there when she has her baby. Mommy says there's a baby in her belly, that's why it's so big! I wish I had some pictures to show you from our trip, but none of the parents used their camera all weekend! Can you believe it? And we're all such cute kids, too! "Bummer. Maybe next time."