More visits, name info

Submitted by Adoption on Sat, 01/19/2008 - 11:28pm

People often ask me if Matt and Dani come visit. I'm happy to say that, yes, they do! They have both stopped over twice since we have been home. Matt calls when he's with someone he wants to have meet his baby girl. Since he's in town it's really easy for him to stop by on a whim. Unfortunately Dani has to coordinate a little more otherwise I'm sure she'd visit more often. She calls frequently to check in. She came up with her mom one afternoon and spent a couple hours chatting and snuggling with Eliana.

I realized that I never wrote the details about how we chose Eliana's name. Eliana (pronounced Eh-lee-AH-na) is a combination of our middle names (birthmom's - Elaine, my husband's - Lee, and mine - Ann) and it means "the Lord answers." It's definitely the perfect name for our perfect little girl! Danielle is after her birth mom.

Ellie is really starting to wake up more in the last few days. It's been a lot of fun to see her eyes alert and checking out the world around her. Of course, it also means that all the visitors can start to get a little overwhelming, but for her mommy it's nice to know that we're bonded. She definitely knows where her dinner comes from! She's also getting the idea that days are for being awake and nights are for sleeping - whew! We are very grateful! And it only took a week and a half! I know there are many moms who are jealous right now - sorry.

Well, I should go write on Eliana's more public blog. It'll be mostly a repeat of this. I probably won't keep this one going much longer.