Happy MLK Day

Submitted by Homeschool on Mon, 01/21/2013 - 4:23pm

Today is one of my favorite homeschool days. No, we don't have a vacation. There are too many important things to learn about. We read great books, historic speeches and discuss concepts of friendship, peace and justice. I had found a timeline of Dr. King's life on the Mailbox website for William to complete.

Then it is time for math. After doing his requisite KHAN academy exercise (today he chose mulitiplication and division), William likes to watch videos like this one:

Now he is practicing the binary hand dance. I love it!

It is freezing cold for Martin Luther King Day here in Minnesota. So for our science, we did a repeat of a freezing experiment that we did last week when we thought it was cold at 16 degrees. Today it was -8 degrees, so we thought we would see how much faster it was to make ice globes. Our balloon froze completely around in about 3 hours, approximately half the time it took last week! Now we can enjoy the beauty of our candles glowing.