Coming up for air

Submitted by Sara on Fri, 02/17/2012 - 3:42pm

The stress of getting everything ready for trivia, the adrenaline of a 50-hour trivia marathon, the clean-up, and the recovery is behind us for the most part. I feel like I can breathe again. I've had my Thursday, my favorite day of the week, the day the kids and I have NOTHING on the calendar. And a bonus today with nothing but Book Club for me :) I'm breathing normally again.

Admiring our Valentine flowers - girls' gift to ourselves and William's red rose from his Valentine

Somewhere in there was Valentine's Day. I hope everyone had a happy one. We had some fun with day-after deals. At the grocery store, there was a giant balloon with a bag of candy for 99 cents! Eliana promptly dropped it and the balloon came detached, floating up to the ceiling. A lady looking at the last one was kind enough to give it to Eliana, so we were spared too many tears. Then, as we walked past another display, we notice a bundle of a half-dozen small heart balloons WITH candy for the same price! We hurried them over to the kind lady and told her she needed to have them. Everyone left happy!

Dress-up fun at trivia

Fun at trivia

Trivia is getting to be more fun. The kids are old enough to entertain themselves without causing much trouble. They were still singing Veggie Tales songs today after all the cartoons they watched. The kids and I came home each night so they could sleep. I played from my computer at home, which is not the same, but very do-able thanks to Darren's programming skills. It was worth coming home because William was well rested for his piano festival on Saturday. (He got a Superior rating for the second year in a row. We are very proud!) We also had homeschool co-op on Monday, which I teach, so we couldn't sleep in on Monday.

Cake decorating Level 1 class 2 of 4

I took a break from trivia on Sunday for my cake decorating class. Two and a half hours of squishing frosting is tiring even with a good night's sleep, but it was a blast and just the change of pace that I needed. After picking up the dog from the kennel, I headed home to print out t-shirt transfers, then my mom and I spent the last hour of the contest ironing them onto shirts. They turned out excellent and were a nice consolation prize for our 5th place finish. No trophy or gift box this year, but we did earn a mention in the newspaper - they don't list all 67 teams. Go Pull-start Diesel!