Cake decorating complete

Submitted by Sara on Sun, 02/26/2012 - 6:08pm

Eliana on cake decorating: If I took a cake decorating class, I would do something easy... like eat it.

I wasn't the most pleased with my final results. The cake ended up being a mash-up of techniques I wanted to practice. My friend's cake across from me looked like a beautiful wedding cake covered with frilly borders and tons of roses. But once I got my cake alone, I was more happy with it.

The final product - cake decorating level 1

The best part of the last class was bringing home all my frosting and practicing with the family.

Mom practicing roses
Eliana's name

I had to add a couple cute quotes from the day, off the topic.

Mom (dramatically): It's my last mint fields tea! My heart is breaking!
Eliana: My heart is still stuck together.

Mom: You need to try and go potty.
Eliana: I don't have to go! I already went last week!