Eliana's milestones

Submitted by Sara on Tue, 01/14/2014 - 11:12pm

I've been trying to find a time for Eliana to dictate her own blog, but it's just not happening. So, since she's already been six for an entire week, I figured I'd better do it myself.

Tuesday Ellie turned six! There was no school for the second day straight because of the cold (and her school still hadn't gotten to return after Christmas break) so she got a day off of school. So did mom! We were able to have people over for her birthday and not rush out. Unfortunately, Dad did not get to make it to her birthday party. He was in the cities all week during that cold. But he was able to make it home in time to tuck her in to bed.

Wednesday Ellie got to celebrate her birthday back at school with her friends. She brought strawberries and whipped cream for her snack.

Thursday she lost her first tooth! She was going after a ball in the gym and ran her face into the wall. Her teacher was afraid she was hurt, but she just spit her tooth out into her hand. It had been very wiggly and now the other was was really loose, too. The tooth fairy brought her $5, which was somewhat disappointing based on some of the prizes other friends had gotten in the past.

Friday was a school friend's birthday party. They played at Rainbow Play Systems which has a lot of indoor play equipment. It was perfect for the mid-winter blues.

Saturday she and I went shopping with her birthday money to Barnes and Noble and Toys R Us. She picked out a Brave book with miniatures and a Barbie Mariposa dress. We go to Toys R Us every year and she always has to sit in the Barbie Jeep. She was disappointed to find that she barely fit in the car this year. Growing up can be a pain.

Sunday we had some friends over who had celebrated with us the week before at Space Aliens. The weather was wonderful and the kids played outside for a long time. At bedtime Ellie asked me to wiggle her other tooth. I wiggled and pulled and out it popped! She was much more thrilled with the tooth fairy's golden dollar this time around. Funny girl.

I'm having some trouble getting the pictures up, so I'll get back on here sometime to work on that. Stay tuned...