Update from the Sick House

Submitted by Sara on Sat, 03/16/2013 - 4:58pm

We've been cooped up lately with a virus working its way through the family. This seemed like a perfect time to post updates on a few things.

We are slowly but surely getting things ready for the new house. We got new living room carpet this week.

New carpet makes everyone feel better
New carpet makes everyone feel better

Darren met with our builder to go over a few things and went to the home show to do a little research. I was home with sick kids. I went to the store to look at some of our choices and bring home some swatches before we meet our builder to do some final choices next week. Darren stayed home sick. It's looking like digging will start on the new house in May or June.

Ellie quotes:
"The radio says to 'save big money at Menards' but we should not save all of our money for Menards. We should save big money for stores like Walmart and Target, too."

"I hate the sun. It shines on everything." - she was definitely sick

The day she got sick, she was home from school. She wanted to do school like William, but it was very hard for me. She kept saying, "What's next, Mom? I'm done. Now what?" I can't keep up with that girl!

Max, curled up on my lap, growls as Ellie says, "Down!" Being the good dog that he is, Max finally complies. He jumps down, runs around behind the chair, and jumps back on my lap before Ellie can even get a leg up.

Sick kids staying out of the way of the carpet guys

Speaking of Max:
He is constantly entertaining us when he's not snuggling with a sick person. He loves attention, even if it means he has to wrap himself around a tree in the yard. I've stopped giving in and going out there because he seems to know exactly what to do as soon as my boots


hit the snow. And sure enough, he eventually decides I'm really not coming out and goes "around the tree." His other annoying habit is pulling all the stuffing out of every one of his stuffed toys. So I started buying toys with virtually no stuffing, but he still manages to find some!

We are enjoying all of this March snow. I keep telling the kids to enjoy it because it will soon be gone. Then lo and behold it snows again. Judging by the huge piles of snow in our yard, the frost will be in the ground for a record long time this spring.

Snow mother, child, baby and dog
Snow mother, child, baby and dog