Christmas is almost here!

Submitted by William on Fri, 12/17/2004 - 10:49pm

It's sure been busy around here lately! I think something big is coming because we've been going and going and going. Mom's been taking me shopping all the time. We went to the Eden Prairie Mall with Xander again. It was fun but it was a long day. We were baking cookies like crazy for about a week either at our house or at my Great-grandma Weber's. We've been going to lots of concerts. We heard Grandma and Grandpa Lanz sing in the church choir and Mom's cousin Ivy sing at her school. One day this week we went to Little Innovator's Daycare and saw this big guy with a white beard. Mom says his name is "Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho!" He was nice. I sat on his lap and he gave me a toy.

Even though we have been so busy, I've still had some time to learn some new things. I'm practicing sitting up. I can sit up by myself for 15 whole seconds! Mommy counted. And I've been having fun in the Exersaucer that my cousin Faith let me use. But I can't get those darn toys off to put them in my mouth! I love to bite on things, even though I don't have any teeth yet. It feels really good.

I keep hearing how cute I was in my Christmas picture. My puppy is there with me too, looking pretty cute, but she's black so it's hard to see her.

"Hi!" to Great-grandma and grandpa McKeever in Arizona! I hope you're reading this on your WebTV.