Crawling and Biting!

Submitted by William on Sat, 04/16/2005 - 11:27pm

It's sure been fun lately! Here's a list of all the new things that have happened since the last time I wrote:

April 4th - I started rocking back and forth on my hands and knees.

April 5th - I pulled myself up to kneeling by my toy box.

April 6th - I got tooth #1 on the bottom right.

April 7th - I said DADA! (Finally - Daddy was happy!)

April 8th - Mommy taught me to throw Belle's toy instead of sticking it in my mouth every time.

April 9th - I went to my 2nd swimming lesson and I learned to sit myself up from laying on my tummy.

April 10th - I figured out how to clap my hands.

April 11th - Daddy saw me crawl a few "steps."

April 12th - I played pat-a-cake for the first time.

April 13th - I practiced all my new skills.

April 14th - I took off crawling across the room and haven't stopped since!

April 15th - I got tooth #2 on the bottom left.

April 16th - I waved bye-bye to Grandma and Grandpa McKeever.

What will I learn tomorrow? Maybe Mommy will come in to see me standing in my crib! You'll have to find out next time!