Fabulous Firsts

Submitted by William on Wed, 01/26/2005 - 6:53pm

It's sure been an exciting month! It started out with a bad cold that came on after Christmas. Mommy and I both got pretty sick so we had to rest a lot.

I've been working on sitting up and now I don't need any help anymore. But it is nice when Mommy and Daddy put a pillow behind me when I'm sitting just in case I forget and fall backward. I don't like to bump my head.

Then all of a sudden Daddy found out he had to go to Denver for work and we were busy getting ready for a family vacation. I got to take my first plane ride. SunCountry is a great airline! The flight attendants are very nice. They bring you around the plane to look at the lights and the people. And they even fed my Mommy a hot sandwich, which was good for me too! Daddy flew Northwest and all he got was a bag of pretzels. Poor Daddy.

It was a lot of fun in Denver. While Daddy worked, Mommy and I walked around outside a lot. It was in the 60s and 70s with record highs while we were there so we spent lots of time on the 6th Street Mall downtown. One day was a little windy so we walked around the art museum. There was a lot of neat stuff to see. But the best part was meeting the Schmidts and the Webers who live there. All the kids were so big, I hope I can be as cool as them someday.

Our last morning in Denver when I woke up from my morning nap I actually rolled over from my front to my back on purpose for the first time! I felt almost as cool as those big kids!

When we got home I got my first taste of cereal. It didn't really taste that great, but it was a lot of fun. Eating is one of the things I like to do best.

I also like making raspberry noises and spitting all day. It keeps me very entertained. I'd love to show you sometime!