Submitted by William on Sat, 07/14/2007 - 11:16am

For playgroup on Friday morning, we went to the Little Falls Zoo! It was a beautiful day - sunny and in the 70s. The moms said that the zoo was small, but it seemed big to us kids. We were more than ready to take a break for lunch by the time we saw all the animals. My favorite animal was the turkey. Mommy couldn't believe it! She thought I'd like the sheep that ate out of my hand or the bunny that we got to pet. But no, I liked the turkey. I put a litte green apple that I found on the ground into its cage and it pecked on it. Mommy didn't even think it was cute enough to take a picture of, so you can't see it, sorry. Mommy's favorite was the baby bears. She liked to watch them play.

After we saw all the animals, we went to the playground and had a big picnic. Ella & Will's mom brought juice boxes and yummy sandwiches, my mommy cut up some fruit, and Aby and Connor's mommy brought my favorite crackers. It was a good lunch, but I didn't eat much because I wanted to go play! The playground was huge! The best part was the firepole. I went down it by myself and only needed a little help getting onto it. We played until 1:00! Then it was time to go home and I was hungry. So I had my Rice Krispie bar and lots of water in the car on the way home.