The Jury is IN!

Submitted by William on Wed, 12/22/2004 - 12:18pm

Today I went to the doctor for my 4 month visit. I'm very healthy and growing steady. I'm still off the charts for height and weight. I weigh 19 pounds 14 ounces and I'm 27 1/2 inches long. Not quite 20 pounds yet... I tried my best. Oh, and my head circumference is in the 90th percentile at 44 cm. So in case you were wondering, I'm a big boy! Mom and Dad are starting to call me "Shaq" and "Diesel".

The doctor got to peek at that little corner of a tooth that's coming up and really bugging me. And he got to see how strong I am. I'm starting to sit up for longer times on my own. It was nice talking to the doctor. He said my mom could start giving me cereal anytime. I hope she decides to soon because I've been watching Mom and Dad eat and it looks easy. I think I want to try.

The other excitement in my life includes my mom turning 30 (my gift was sleeping through her birthday party) and making sausage with the Jims. I made some nice new friends, Samantha and Alivia, that day. Now I'm looking forward to this Christmas thing that's coming up. It sounds like a good time!

Christmas is almost here!

Submitted by William on Fri, 12/17/2004 - 10:49pm

It's sure been busy around here lately! I think something big is coming because we've been going and going and going. Mom's been taking me shopping all the time. We went to the Eden Prairie Mall with Xander again. It was fun but it was a long day. We were baking cookies like crazy for about a week either at our house or at my Great-grandma Weber's. We've been going to lots of concerts. We heard Grandma and Grandpa Lanz sing in the church choir and Mom's cousin Ivy sing at her school. One day this week we went to Little Innovator's Daycare and saw this big guy with a white beard. Mom says his name is "Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho!" He was nice. I sat on his lap and he gave me a toy.

Even though we have been so busy, I've still had some time to learn some new things. I'm practicing sitting up. I can sit up by myself for 15 whole seconds! Mommy counted. And I've been having fun in the Exersaucer that my cousin Faith let me use. But I can't get those darn toys off to put them in my mouth! I love to bite on things, even though I don't have any teeth yet. It feels really good.

I keep hearing how cute I was in my Christmas picture. My puppy is there with me too, looking pretty cute, but she's black so it's hard to see her.

"Hi!" to Great-grandma and grandpa McKeever in Arizona! I hope you're reading this on your WebTV.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Submitted by William on Mon, 11/29/2004 - 1:27am

I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving! I know I had a great time. I spent Thanksgiving getting passed around and collecting kisses from all of the family up north in Warroad. Some of them got big kisses right back! I also got to watch lots of kids playing. Dad says those kids are my second cousins but I'm not sure what that means. I met my Great-grandpa C for the first time. He liked to call me "Sir William." I think it sounds important.

While we were up north we went to the Polaris museum. I guess my grandpa Ron used to work at Polaris when he and Grandma were first married. But they didn't give him enough of a raise so they moved down to Rice. I'm glad they didn't give him another 5 cents because then my dad met my mom and that was sure good for me!

We had dinner at Great-grandma and grandpa McKeever's house in Warroad. Great-grandma told lots of stories. She's had quite a life! She talks about writing down her stories. I hope she does so I can read them later when I'll remember them better.

On our trip we spent lots of time in the car with Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Dawn and Uncle Nathan. It wasn't too bad. I slept a lot. When I was awake I played with toys, read books, and practiced my talking with Mommy and Grandma. I'm getting really good at "Mmmm" and even said "Moo" once! It was pretty hard work, though, so I haven't been able to do it again since.

It's nice to be home and sleeping in my own bed again. We went to Grandma and Grandpa Lanz's house to get my puppy, Belle, today. She had a good time playing with Uncle Michael while we were gone but she was happy to be home, too.

12 Weeks Old!

Submitted by William on Sun, 11/14/2004 - 10:22pm

It's been a while since I've written, but I had my first cold so I was feeling a little under the weather. I'm not sure what is worse, being stuffed up or having the boogers sucked out! Yuck!

We've also been really busy. Mom brought me to scrapbook at Tonya's house one day - she has a really great bouncy seat! We went to Sharon and Ferdosi's new house where Ferdosi played with me and gave me my pacifier. We met Grandma, Great-grandma and Michael at the Holy Spirit spaghetti supper. We drove to the cities where I met some of Daddy's work friends, visited with Hallie and Seth, and made a new friend at the Eden Prairie Mall! Mom's friend Michelle had a boy named Xander in October and we all had lunch and walked around the mall together. Then yesterday we spent some time with Laura and Josh Honkomp and went to a baby shower for Holden Evenson who will be born at Christmastime. So as you can see, it's been really busy lately!

I'm learning new things every day. One of my new favorite activities is singing. I joined in the song at church today. Mom even gave me my pacifier because I sounded so good, so I kept right on singing! Hopefully I'll get to sing a song for you sometime.

Halloween was fun!

Submitted by William on Wed, 11/03/2004 - 4:08pm

My mom and dad got me all dressed up in that cute bear suit that Tonya lent us and we drove around visiting my grandparents, great-grandma, and our old neighbors Ryan and Michelle in their new house. Everyone said I was so cute! I also got to

On All Saints Day, Mom took me to mass at her old school St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. I had a good time playing with the toys in my carseat. I learned how to bat at them and make them jingle! Then we visited the teachers who always coo and say how cute I am. We need to go there more often.

Speaking of how cute I am... my mom and dad took some pictures of me with pumpins right before Halloween. See the outside ones and the INSIDE ones!

I'm SOOOO Big!

Submitted by William on Tue, 10/26/2004 - 1:49am

I woke up this morning in my new crib from Grandpa Ron happy and cooing. No more bars to wedge my head against, now I have lots of room to wiggle!

Mommy dressed me in my Halloween costume that Tonya lent us. I sure liked it in that bear suit! Too bad I can't say "trick or treat" and eat candy yet this Halloween.

Speaking of tricks, I learned a new one today! I learned to play with toys! Chiming Charlie has lots of great places to grab... and he doesn't taste bad either! Mommy said she wished she had a video camera for the first time.

Daddy is 30!

Submitted by William on Sun, 10/24/2004 - 9:01pm

My dad turned 30 on Thursday! I got to play with Grandma and Grandpa Lanz and Uncle Michael while Mom and Dad went out to the Mexican Villiage that night.

Today we celebrated by having lots of people over to our house watching football, eating, playing with toys, and holding me. All my aunts and uncles and grandmas and grandpas were here and some really good friends like the Donats, Alessios and Hubers. I think all those kids will be fun to play with when I get bigger. My dad and mom said they had a lot of fun, so I think it was a good birthday for daddy even though he's so old.

We took a McKeever family picture after the party. I'm glad no one expects me to look at the camera and smile yet. I'm just figuring out what these hands are for... sucking on, grabbing things, and looking at.

Today is also a big day because it's my first day sleeping in my new bed! Daddy and Grandpa McKeever made me a really nice crib where I'll have lots of room to stretch out! Mommy put some cool stuff in it like a colorful crib bumper and a musical mobile. This new crib is great! Thanks, Grandpa!

Two Month Doctor Visit

Submitted by William on Wed, 10/20/2004 - 4:14pm

Today is my two-month birthday and we celebrated by going to the doctor. My parents said it was going to be great. They said I'd hear how big I was getting. Well, that was true. But first they had to take my clothes off which made me crabby and cold. After all, it was my naptime and I should've been all snuggled in my bed having a nice sleep. Anyway... the nurse said I was a big boy: 24 3/4 inches (97%), 15 pounds 3 ounces (100%), and my head circumference was 42 cm (90%). These were all the same percentiles as my 2-week visit, so I don't know why they had to do it again. But this visit only got worse. The doctor came in and started poking me and moving my legs around. He stuck something in my mouth, I thought that might be good, but he just took it right back again and started sticking things in my ears. Then Mom snuggled me and I fell asleep, but I wasn't asleep long before she laid me down and held my arms while two nurses stuck something in my legs. That stung enough to bring tears to my eyes! When it was all over Daddy gave me some of that yummy Tylenol that I like so much and Mommy snuggled me back to sleep. Tonight I hear I'll get some more Tylenol and I'll get to snuggle with Grandma Barb and maybe even Auntie Dawn while Mom and Dad are gone, so there's still hope for my two-month birthday.

The Start of William's Weblog

Submitted by William on Tue, 10/19/2004 - 5:39pm

Sara wanted a good place to share the progress of our son's life with people who are interested. We will be journaling family events and important milestones. Please keep watching for more to come...